QT3-15 block making machine

QT3-15 block making machine

Advantages of QT3-15 block making machine

1. This QT3-15 block making machine is a full new type machine and particularly designed by our company for honeycomb type block, the rapid and equal feed is achieved by using the semi-closed reticular feeding unit, so that the product reaches the high strength. This machine is particularly suited the production of honeycomb type block.

2. The whole block machine process uses a PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyze the chance signal, fault diagnosis and parameters setting, ensure the best operation effect of the machine.

3. Interlock between the feeding system and the magazine, the magazine and the door are open/close automatic during feed to ensure feed quantity, the operation is reliable and suited to long term running.

4. Brick molding machine vertical direction vibration is carried out by the hydraulic motor drive vibration unit; the steeples velocity is down by the electric-hydraulic proportional control technology to ensure the production requirement of difference material.

5. Multi use; strong performance; the many kind of products with difference form and size can be made when use the difference mold , such as wall block, honeycomb type block, road block and slope block.

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