What is the relationship of mobile wet concrete batching plant price(图文)(图文)

What is the relationship of mobile wet concrete batching plant price(图文)(图文)

 Mobile wet concrete batching plant price is relationship to its equipment, so before to know the price, let's have a look at the composition of the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment.

The following is a standard mobile concrete mixing plant configuration, the specific configuration or according to the actual needs of customers to determine, For the latest mobile concrete mixing plant price can contact us Email:sarah@concretebatchplant24.com freely.

Mobile concrete mixing plant design is divided into the material layer, mixing layer, ingredients weighing layer of three parts. The material layer, mainly cylindrical legs, the design is simple, reasonable layout. Stirring layer is mainly used overhead structure, double variable cross-section of the main beam, heavier weight, steel and shock absorption is superior to ordinary structure, Stirring layer and discharge layer constitute a steel body, and the basis of an integrated, effective Weakened the vibration from the mixing console; support with rectangular legs, not only simple structure, but also spacious.

Mobile batching plant ingredients for weighing layer on the water and powder weighing hopper weighing hopper, liquid admixtures weighing hopper and aggregate deposits.The powder weighing hopper outlet USES the automatic control of pneumatic butterfly valve, import and export of adopt soft connection, fully enclosed.Admixtures weighing hopper is set above the water weighing hopper, stainless steel ball valve discharge at the exit.

All this three are designed on a removable trailing unit that can be moved by towing the trailer. A simple control room is also designed above the tractor unit, and only one staff member can operate the entire equipment in the control room jobs.