Concrete batching plant price is not immutable

Concrete batching plant price is not immutable

Concrete batching plant customers in the purchase price of the equipment is an important consideration, I believe that customers have found that careful mixing station prices are not static, but there is a fluctuating, what is the impact of mixing station prices?

1. The level of raw material prices

Steel skeleton concrete mixing station, especially wear-resistant special steel consumption mixer, mixing station directly determines the price. A mixing station 90% by weight of steel, steel modest price increases will affect their prices.

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2. The level of prices of purchased parts

In order to improve the quality of concrete mixing station, Concrete batching plant in some parts may be imported abroad, the purchase price of these parts is the level of the concrete mixing plant of the most direct factor in production costs.(Construction Cement Batching Plant)

3. Impact of labor costs

With rising prices, labor costs increased year by year, the production of a set of concrete mixing station a worker can not be completed, needs painting from the art design, welders welding, painting, erector installation and other layers of links, the cost of these wireless sometimes they tend to become the most direct factor affecting the price of the mixing station. To sum up, the price of concrete mixing plant will change with changes in the market, there is a certain fluctuation range. For the latest mixing station, please contract us ,in determining the type and station specific configuration, HAOMEI will provide you with accurate price.