How to control concrete mixing plant cost

How to control concrete mixing plant cost

Strengthen cost management and cost of goods concrete mixing plant control, has important practical significance. This paper discusses in detail the five major aspects of concrete mixing station measures of cost control.

1. Mix reasonable control

Commodity concrete mix concrete supplier is an important basis for the calculation of the cost of the station, directly determines the amount of each commodity raw materials of concrete. The operator must carry out "for the next process services," the idea, mix design to consider the difficulty of the construction site, to seriously study the mix design, through the test to find out the law, so that mix more scientific and reasonable.

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2. strict material procurement Off

Currently, Concrete commodity raw materials: cement, aggregate size, water, additives and other price, quality is uneven, and generally higher price, can not be overlooked in its share of the cost of ready-mixed concrete, and therefore more testing and comparison optimize the use of raw material costs.small concrete batching plant cost

3. strictly control the construction process

Concrete commodity shortest mixing time specifications are clearly defined, but the actual operation is often less than the minimum stirring time requirements, resulting in commercial concrete workability, pumpability reduced, prone duct obstruction, the operator must pay particular attention to these issues.

4. Control accident rate

Accident rate is the technical level, the level of quality control, production management comprehensive reflection of the level of the accident should have an objective and impartial manner. Quantitative analysis of management is as much as possible the cause of the accident, embodied in digital form, so that policy makers can more easily analyze the causes of the accident produced.(concrete batching plant specification)

In summary, providers should quantify mixing station management, through re-definition and measurement of various data providers concrete station, you can see clearly the composition of ready-mixed concrete production costs, so that decision makers find the most effective ways to control costs, so that enterprises continued development of the fundamental driving force.