QT12-15 block making machine

QT12-15 block making machine

Equipment features of QT12-15 block making machine:

1. The new technology support, vibrational force can meet the production of high-strength bearing block and non-load-bearing blocks.

2. Automatic brick making machine use QT12-15 shaper, with layered fabric body, either can be used as QT12-15, produce blocks and bricks, but also produce smooth surface or colored bricks, the road brick, tile and water grass slope brick after increasing layered fabric machine.

3. The body’s use of advanced welding technology, the use of high-strength steel and special materials, strong resistance to vibration.

4. Exciting and full sync integration platform vibration mode, tap the machine to achieve the best results.

5. Multi-pole oriented approach and exceptional wear-resistant materials to ensure the die and punch accuracy of movement.

6. Block making machine using a special fast fabric device to forming fabrics fast, smooth, uniform, in place.

7. Using fork rotary feeding system, block the production of various materials have good adaptability.

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