Daily inspection items of cement mixing machine concrete batch plant

Daily inspection items of cement mixing machine concrete batch plant

Cement mixing machine is the core of the concrete batch plant station, so the cement mixing machine maintenance and maintenance is essential.

First, before use concrete mixer machine :

1. Check the mini cement mixing machine body is stable.

2. Are the connecting bolts on the blades and the mixing blade support arms secure?

3. Whether or not the bolts connected to the loading rack are tightened.

4. Pump is adequate water, the pipeline is open.concrete mix plant

Second,after use concrete mixer machine equipment :

1. Clean inside and outside the mixing tube, discharge doors, hopper on the fouling and rinse with water.

2. Hopper should be parked in the transport position, and the brake pin is inserted, the hopper can not have debris.concrete mixer batch plant

3. Cut off the power, lock the electrical control box.

4. Lubricate the lubrication points (grease).

5. All water in the water supply system should be drained.

Third, weekly inspection items:

1. Check the wire rope wear and in that it painted a little oil, wire rope wear to a certain extent, should be replaced.concrete mixer batch plant

2. Check the oil level of the gear box, the oil level of the oil pump, check the lubrication position, and fill the hopper roller bearing and pulley bearing with lubricating oil.

3. Water supply device to keep clean, so as not to block, check the suction valve cleaning time.mobile concrete mixer machine

4. Check the travel switch rocker is loose, if loose should be necessary to adjust.

5. Check the blade connection bolts, support arm connection bolts are loose adjustment, the maximum gap between the blade and the cylinder wall clearance 5mm and make the necessary tightening.

6. Check the contactor contacts in the electrical box.

7. Unscrew the fouling plug, check the shaft end seal, make necessary adjustments to repair and replace.cement mixing machine

Fourth, the concrete mixer periodic inspection items:

1. Check the winch lift brakes and make the appropriate adjustments.

2. Check the water pump and throttle valve for leaks.

3. Check for open gears Apply oil and adjust belt tension.

4. Check the blade, liner wear, and, where appropriate, replacement.